Our Staff

Columbia Irrigation District has thirteen full-time employees. An office staff of three and a field crew of nine. The field crew includes the foreman, four ditchriders, two utility employees, and two maintenance/operators.

  • District Manager: Howard Ellison
  • Office Manager: Bonnie Kulp
  • Office Staff: Lila Freshment, and Tana Wentz
  • Operations Foreman:  Pat Loftus
  • Ditrchriders:  Dean Torie, Paulino Nafarrate, Francisco Contreras and Miguel Contreras
  • Utility: Kevin Walters, Hector Mendoza
  • Operators/Maintenance:  Bob Ingraham, Curt Strifert

Bonnie Kulp, Office Manager

Tana Wentz, Operations Administrative Assistant

Lila Freshment, Administator of Accounts Payable/Payroll

Pat Loftus, Operations Lead