FINAL BUDGET  2018/2019
 Revenue Sources
1O & M   (Includes O & M, Surplus, Other & M.R.)1,884,364
2Reservoir Fund81,483
3Current LID Maint. Assess.555,295
4Current LID Const400
5O & M Interest & Penalties  8,400
6Delinquent Cash Receipts106,000
7Delinquent Cash Receipts Interest20,000
8LID Const Principal Payments0
9Investment Interest15,000
11Total Projected Revenue2,670,942
13Operating Expense
14Salaries and OT     
15Union Workers Salaries 493,225
16Pager On-Call5,875
17Overtime Union25,000
18Total Union Salaries and OT524,100
19Administrative Salaries182,838
20Overtime Office Staff 1,000
21Director Expense14,811
22Total Salaries and OT722,749
24Labor Benefits
25Payroll Taxes56,000
26State Industrial Accident20,000
27State Retirement90,526
28Health Insurance160,000
29Deferred Compensation Expense22,600
30Sub-total Labor Benefits349,126
32Contract Labor and Services
33Legal Counsel Expense25,000
34Engineering Expense 40,000
35CPA – Accounting Services/Audit Fees30,000
36Contract Office Labor
37Sub-total Contract Labor and Services95,000
39Annual Operation & Admin Exp.
40General Canal Maintenance95,000
41R & M – Vehicles18,000
42R & M – Equipment12,000
43R & M – LID Power and Materials550,000
44Weed & Pest Control200,000
45Fuel, Oil, Grease Expense48,000
46Shop/Small Tools Expense8,000
47Building Maintenance15,000
48Telephone Expense + cell phones14,000
49Locate Service Expense1,400
50CID Utilities Power, Nat. Gas, Garbage Exp14,000
51Unemployment Ins Fund
52CID Indemnity Insurance Expense92,119
53Office Supplies Expense  18,000
54IT & Software 11,000
55Advertising Expense1,000
56Education/Training Expense5,500
57Travel & Meeting Expense4,000
58Dues & Subscriptions1,917
59Sub-total Operation and Admin Exp.1,108,936
61Capital Expenditures 
63Office Equipment14,000
64Vehicle Rotation52,000
65Road Widening60,000
66Canal Repair40,000
67Reservoir Reserve81,483
68Sub-total Capital Expenditures395,131