The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order at 1:00 pm by Vice President Howard Ellison. Present at the meeting were:

Howard Ellison, Vice President Joel Teeley, Secretary/Manager
Vince Shawver, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Lead
Jim Gose, Director Bonnie Kulp, Deputy Secretary/Recorder
Matthew Morrell, Director Bob Ingraham, CID Crew/Union Steward
Jerry Sleater, President – via telephone conference Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers

GUESTS See attached list.

Patty Sundford, CID customer at 26205 S Finley Road, appeared before the Board of Directors to ask questions about the Columbia River Pump Exchange project that was started in 1998 by KID and whether or not CID had any plans to start an exchange project. Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers was familiar with the project and stated what was proposed at the time was to transfer water out of the Yakima downstream to the Columbia River. It wasn’t to be a change in water right but a change in point of withdrawal. Principally, it was a KID plan with a potential plan for CID to leave more water in lower stretches of the Yakima River. He explained when the Bureau got involved the project got too expensive and was set aside.

Mrs. Sunford also asked why the Bureau allows KID to pump ahead of CID since CID has senior water rights. She asked if there was anything CID patrons could do to make the Bureau pay attention to the CID senior water rights. She had concerns about KID using Yakima River water to irrigate the Red Mountain area after the state allowed wells to be drilled there. She wanted to inform the Board that there are people ready and willing to help preserve the CID water right.

Kennewick Irrigation District

Mr. Jason McShane attended the meeting to request more water carriage through the CID canals. Before he began his presentation he presented some background on the KID water rights and how they work in the Yakima Basin. He explained the KID has two different types of water right. One is a pro-ratable junior water right and the other is a senior water right. This year the Bureau has prorated the KID water ration to be at 44 percent. KID is in a unique situation because they are located at the lower end of the Yakima River. Their contract with the Bureau of Reclamation gives them the ability to access return flows that come into the river above the Prosser dam and above the KID diversion at the Chandler power plant. This allows them more than their prorated 44 percent.

Mr. McShane presented a map to the Board members showing the four KID pump stations that supply water through the CID canal system. The total pumping capacity is 7.8 cfs but the average used is generally less than 6 cfs. KID is looking to recapture waste water from the Amon Wasteway, Zintel Canyon, and Elliott Lake to increase their supply. They also mentioned the possibility of purchasing water from the Badger Mountain Irrigation District. KID would like to move this water through the CID canal system to their pump stations. Their intent would be to only pump water from these locations when the river is low. The pumps would be equipped with flow meters and SCADA systems.

Secretary/Manager Teeley stated the free board in the canal is minimal at times due to weed growth. Lead Man, Pat Loftus thought CID could carry the extra water as long as it was being metered into the canal and metered out. He would like to work with KID but cautioned weed control could be an issue. JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly stated it is a workable situation.

Director Ellison requested a written agreement. Director Morrell made a motion to allow KID to proceed with their plan of sending additional water into the CID canal and removing through the four pump stations. Director Gose seconded the motion and it passed.

City of West Richland
Mr. Aaron Lambert presented information about a current park project for the City of West Richland. On behalf of the

City, he is requesting the District consider executing an interlocal agreement with them for the construction of a recreational vehicle (RV) dump station on a CID undeveloped right-of-way. Director Ellison requested a drawing of the plan, showing a sketch of the project. Mr. Lambert exited the meeting at 2:05 p.m.


Minutes of June 5, 2015
Director Gose made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 1st Board Meeting. Director Shawver seconded the motion and it passed.

June Vouchers

Voucher #01 Revolving Fund $149,994.10

The Board reviewed and discussed the May Vouchers. Director Shawver made a motion to approve the Vouchers and Director Morrell seconded it. Motion approved.

Financial Statement
Secretary/Manager Teeley reviewed the May financial statement with the Board. The financial statement showed total expenditures were at 60.88% at the end of the 8th month which is ahead of the expected 66.64% at this time in the fiscal year.


Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineering, reported he is continuing to work on the Short Plat for the reservoir property. He received a letter from the County requesting an access easement to the new parcel and a title report. The title report has been submitted. The County wants a 40 foot wide access easement to the property.   He is working on a 40 foot easement along the south side on canal right of way from Haney Road back to the reservoir property.

Mr. Weatherly stated he has spoken to Don Schram, engineer and former assistant manager for the Roza and Sunnyside Valley Irrigation Districts, gleaning information on how they managed and handled controls on their reservoirs. He is looking at pump options and has started working on the water shed analysis and Dam Safety issues.


Mr. Weatherly also reported he met with Secretary/Manager Teeley and Pat Loftus at the Divide where the Syphon distributes water to Lateral 1 and 2 from the main canal. Current trash racks are not sufficient to keep up with the demands of the aquatic weed control. Mr. Weatherly told the Board drawings had been prepared for a traveling screen in 2002 and they were ready to solicit bids. Timing became a factor when gates for the project would not be available in time for the season to begin. Nothing more was done towards the project.

Due to the high maintenance and overtime required to keep this area clean, Pat Loftus reiterated the need to revisit this project. Director Gose made a motion to allow Mr. Weatherly to do the necessary engineering required for the traveling screens and necessary changes to the canal to accommodate them. Director Morrell seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Work Orders by Division
The Board discussed the Work Orders completed in their respective divisions.


Preliminary Operating Budget
Secretary/Manager Teeley presented a preliminary operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year, 2015-2016. He asked the Board to review and bring back to the next meeting. He also told the Board where the District stood with the LID Construction repayment balances. Office Manager Bonnie Kulp stated the remaining balances will be completed in 2018. Because those monies are used as income in the operating budget the Board will have to consider future increases to off-set what will no longer be available as income.

Administrative Report
Office Manager, Bonnie Kulp, reported the post card requesting patrons begin using and odd/even watering schedule had been sent out and many patrons have expressed appreciation and approval of the schedule. Director Shawver requested letters be sent to those who are not complying. Director Morrell cautioned while some may not appear to be following the schedule, circumstances may tell otherwise.

Operations Report
Lead man, Pat Loftus reported water users are working together resulting in fewer pump station failures. The variable frequency units that have been installed have worked well saving pipe failures and electricity.


There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 2:50 pm.