The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Jerry Sleater. Present at the meeting were:

Jerry Sleater, President Joel Teeley, Secretary/Manager
Howard Ellison, Vice President Pat Loftus, Operations Lead
James Gose Director Bonnie Kulp, Deputy Secretary, Recorder
Vince Shawver, Director Bob Ingraham, CID Crew/Union Steward
Matthew Morrell, Director Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers


Minutes of July 2, 2015
Director Shawver made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 2nd Board Meeting. Director Morrell seconded the motion and it passed.

July Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $203,255.39
Voucher 02 Enduris Washington      72,066.00
Voucher 03 United Phosphorus, Inc (Cascade)      19,049.40
Voucher 04 SePro Corporation (Captain XTR      16,612.15
Total $310,982.94

The Board reviewed and discussed the July Vouchers. Director Ellison made a motion to approve the Vouchers and Director Shawver seconded it. Motion approved.

Financial Statement
Secretary/Manager Teeley reviewed the June financial statement with the Board. The financial statement showed total expenditures were at 68.32% at the end of the 9th month which is ahead of the expected 75.0% at this time in the fiscal year.


Kennewick Irrigation District
Kennewick Irrigation District sent a draft Memorandum of Understanding for the pumping project presented at the July 2, 2015 Board Meeting. They have set a pump at their pump station, #117 and at Edison Street. They also intend to set one pump at the Leslie Flume. At present they are not pumping any water. Director Ellison made a motion to accept the MOU document as written. Director Shawver seconded it and it passed.

Owens Pit
Secretary/Manager Teeley reported a letter had been sent to Commissioner Delvin stating the importance for CID to continue to be able to access and use gravel from the pit for use in the canal. He also reported the place is locked up and no one is using material at this time.

Director Ellison reported he attended a commissioner’s meeting on Tuesday, August 4, 2015. The Commissioners asked to have a separate meeting with the District outside of their regular meeting. Director Gose mentioned there were other pits in the area that may be useable by the District.

Manager Teeley reported Director Gose had asked him to look into screening the Divide to maintain an even flow down the main and the laterals. Gary Weatherly stated the decision was made to go with the traveling woven wire screen which is the same equipment the District was considering in 2003. There are two manufacturers located in California and he has contacted them for a price. He thought the District could purchase them separately and use the small works roster for the structure work. He stated they will replace the existing slide gates where the traveling screen needs to be set. They will move it back into the structure. In order to accomplish that, part of the structure will have to be rebuilt. He is conferring with other JUB Engineers for the concrete design.

Gary Weatherly reported the Benton County Planning Department has approved the access easement. The form is ready for signature and once it’s submitted back to the Planning Department, the short plat process can be completed. PUD has given the District a proposal for the electrical site with a cost estimate of about $31,000.

Weatherly stated he is working of the paperwork for the Dam Safety Office and he hopes to have it ready to submit in four to five weeks. He is working on the Dam break analysis and has met with electrical controls engineer.

Dupertail Bridge
Mr. Weatherly informed the Board that the City of Richland is working on the Dupertail Road Bridge again. The bridge will cross the canal in a location where immediately upstream is a galvanized steel flume that was installed in the 80’s. The City of Richland’s reservoir failure damaged the flume and it was repaired with an asphalt liner. From the flume water goes into a 108 inch pipe.  Weatherly recommends the 108” pipe be extended about 800 feet under their bridge and back to the canal resulting in only one entrance to the canal and only one structure.

Work Orders by Division
The Board discussed the Work Orders completed in their respective divisions.

Preliminary Operating Budget
Revised draft budget was presented to the Board without wage changes for the next fiscal year. A review of the LID Construction balances was presented. By the year 2019 all LID construction balances will be paid. Options for assessment increases were discussed in order to recoup some of the monies that will be used in the upcoming reservoir project. The projected increase to the first acre only was not well received and the Board asked for additional assessment possibilities before making a decision.


Building Maintenance
Secretary/Manager Teeley reported a new HVAC system had just been installed because the system failed. He also mentioned the roof is leaking and the tiles in front of the building are deteriorating. The Board recommended using the bid received from Silverbow Roofing. It would give the roof another six to seven years before the roof needs to be replaced.

New Purchase and Surplus Vehicles.
Operations Lead, Pat Loftus requested the ability to surplus Vehicles #40 ad #44 at the Booker Auction on November 7th. Both are in need of major expense. Director Morrell made a motion to surplus Vehicles #40 and #44 at the Booker Auction. Director Shawver seconded the motion and it passed.

Administrative Report
Office Manager, Bonnie Kulp, reported there were five properties on the Benton County foreclosure list. She also made a suggestion to the Board that the office building be assessed to determine the integrity of the building for future use.

Operations Report
Operations Lead, Pat Loftus reported the alternating water schedule has helped keep the pump stations running. He reported the 3rd treatment to the canal was necessary due to the drought, hot weather, and high water temperatures. Algae treatments are being done more often.

President, Sleater moved the meeting into executive session at 2:35 pm to discuss wages for the union contract. RECESSED

The meeting was moved out of executive session and recessed at 3:00 pm, to Friday August 21, 2015.