The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers
Matthew Morrell, Vice President Tom Cowan, Attorney
Jerry Sleater, Director Howard Ellison, Manager
Jim Gose, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
Neil Martin, Director Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Guests: Shiela Thackam, Sherry Thackham, Stan King.

There were no public comments.


Minutes, September 2, 2016
The minutes of September 2, 2016 were submitted for approval. Director Sleater made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Gose seconded it. Motion approved.

September Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $188,066.36

The Board reviewed and discussed the September Vouchers. Director Sleater made a motion to approve the Vouchers as submitted and Director Morrell seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

August Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the August Financial Statement.


Duportail Bridge
Manager Ellison reported the City of Richland sent out letters of condemnation to agencies they do not have signed agreements with for the easements on their bridge project. Giving notice is a requirement of the acquisition process for their grant.  Once the agreement is signed CID will be out of the condemnation process.

Beverly Meadows
Manager Ellison showed pictures of where the 18” mainline in the Beverly Meadows subdivision is being replaced. The line sits beneath a house on the corner of 15th and Cedar making it necessary to reroute the line. This will be at the contractor’s expense.

Ellison also showed pictures of where the work is being done for the road to the reservoir.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.

Gary Weatherly reported measurements have been taken at the Elite Sod Gates. When the water is off they will look at what can be done about the worn out slots in the concrete and determine if the old concrete is in need of reinforcement. The project can then be sent out for bid.  The gates at Columbia Park Spillway also need attention.


Transfer of Funds
Manager Ellison reported the bond interest of $16,875.00 had been paid October 1, 2016. He also reported it will be necessary to transfer $50,000 from Surplus to O & M to cover the Vouchers.  Second half payments are due October 31st and the District will see an influx of funds to replenish the O & M fund.

Surplus Vehicles
Manager Ellison requested permission to surplus three items to sell at the Booker Auction in November. The items are a 2003 Chevrolet K10 pickup, a 1987 Heston 80-90 tractor with a Tiger mower and a Rhino SE6 mower attached. The third item is a home-made welding trailer.  Director Sleater made a motion to approve the request and Director Martin seconded it.  Motion approved.  Director Morrell suggested removing the Rhino mower off the back of the tractor and sell it separately.

LID #03 Joining Fee
Manager Ellison reported the District has had several inquiries about two particular pieces of property located at 2111 S Gum. Per resolution of the Board several years ago, the patron must pay 100% of the original construction cost plus a 25% surcharge.  The cost in 1919 was $31.60 per acre and a pipe upgrade of $105.62 per acre was done in 1972.  It is the responsibility of CID to deliver irrigation water to the high point of 40 acres and the property owner would have to take it from there.  Manager Ellison informed the board the properties are on the market and it appears there may be high interest if irrigation is available.  He wanted to make sure he has the same understanding as the Board pertaining to the cost when he is approached by potential buyers.

Board Member Responsibilities/Vehicles and Keys
Director Shawver would like a key to the canal gates to check District facilities and/or infrastructure. He would like the convenience and ability to go whenever he wants with or without the escort of the manager. The question of Board responsibility and insurance coverage was heavily discussed. Three Board members stated they had talked with Sheryl Brandt, a representative from Enduris, the District’s liability insurance carrier. Each had a difference of opinion on the insurance coverage pertaining to such activity and whether or not they were classified as District employees.

Director Morrell stated Ms. Brandt told him there is no problem with the insurance but there are legal obligations if someone gets locked in or a key gets lost. Every lock on the ditch would have to be rekeyed. She indicated the Board needs to act as a unit and a policy should be in place stipulating notification to the manager or district staff of the intent to go onto the canal and if a key is lost who is going to be responsible for replacing the locks.

The Board members have a difference of opinion on whether or not they are employees of the District. Ms Brandt told both Director’s Shawver and Morrell the Director’s do not work for CID, they are elected official overseeing management.  Attorney Tom Cowan confirmed to the Board they were not employees of the District.

He also stated the insurance company may have no problems covering the Board but it may have to be rewritten to insure the coverage is adequate.  Once a policy is in place, it can be submitted to the insurance company for their use in assuring the District is adequately covered should there be a need.

Director Shawver stated the District write a policy to include board members duty to check the canal if they desire, notify the manger or office staff the time of entrance/exit, formally check out keys, and the directors carry personal vehicle insurance for this purpose.

Director Morrell stated he wanted a confirmation letter from Enduris stating the Board members are covered.

Neil Martin made a motion to write the policy allowing Board members to tour the District’s infrastructures with the provision stated by Director Shawver and submit it to Enduris for proper coverage. Director Shawver  seconded the motion.  Three Directors Shawver, Martin and Morrell voted yes.  Director’s Gose and Sleater voted no.  Director Morrell stated he wanted a letter from Enduris confirming insurance coverage.

Director Shawver stated he would like all members of the board together, tour the canal with the manager on an annual basis.

Operations Report
Operations Manager, Pat Loftus reported water will be shut off Saturday, October 15th and winterization will begin Monday, October 17th.

WSWRA Meeting
Director Shawver stated the WSWRA annual meeting in Spokane is scheduled for November 30th – December 2nd.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 2:55 p.m.