The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers
Neil Martin, Vice President Howard Ellison, Manager
Dallas Ayde, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
Jim Gose, Director Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Guests: Sheila Thackham, Sherry Thackham, Stan King


Minutes, January 6, 2017
The minutes of January 6 and January 20, 2017 were submitted for approval. Director Gose stated the vote count for President of the Board was listed incorrectly in the minutes of January 6th. The vote count was three for Director Shawver, one for Director Morrell and Director Ayde abstained.

Director Gose wanted to clarify that $300,000 was the maximum amount that could be spent using the small works roster. Projects costing more than $300,000 must go out to bid.

Director Gose asked for the first paragraph on page three to be rewritten. The comment written was: “Manager Ellison reminded the board members conversations outside regular meetings were illegal”. Director Gose didn’t feel that was written so readers would understand what it really means.  Manager Ellison stated he would bring the law pertaining to the subject in printed format to the board at the next meeting.

Director Martin made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Director Ayde seconded the motion and it passed.

January Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $ 90,633.77

The January Vouchers were reviewed by the Board. They discussed the vacation/sick leave buy back policy within the Employee Handbook.  On December 1st of each year, an employee who exceeds 1120 hours of combined sick leave and vacation leave, he/she can receive payment for the excess hours at the employee’s current rate.

Director Martin made a motion to approve the vouchers and Director Ayde seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.

December Financial Statement
The December Financial Statement was reviewed and discussed by the Board.


Duportail Bridge
Manager Ellison reported the next City of Richland Council meeting will be Tuesday, February 7th and documents will be signed for the Dupertail Bridge agreement.

Elite Sod Gates
Manager Ellison reported the Elite Sod Gates project went out for bid and was awarded to Poland & Sons for $58,825.00 without tax. The only other bid received was from Apollo for $93,000.  The third company did not submit a bid.

Manager Ellison reported the Acquavella Court Case is getting ready to issue amended water rights. Attorney Tom Cowan wants to submit a revised legal description for the CID. The original description submitted was difficult to read. Mr. Cowan wants to revise the legal description to include words that will depict irrigation water will be provided to areas within the boundaries of the district.  At such times water rights are moved around within the boundaries, the legal description pertaining to Acquavella will not change.  Together with the District’s GIS maps and the Benton County GIS maps, JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly, put together a map of CID to show the areas served by the District.

JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly reviewed the previous conversations about water smart grant.  The application is very time consuming and is scored on a point system.  The point of the discussion was to decide if it is cost feasible to seek a grant and how likely CID would be awarded based on how many acre feet of water would be saved for the river. Based on other projects awarded, comparing their data to estimated data for our projects, Weatherly suggested it would not be worthwhile going after a grant for canal lining but thought the reservoir might be suitable due to the ability to save water for the river.

Manager Ellison stated the District would be required to have the money to complete the project prior to applying for the grant. Weatherly added the District should allow one year in advance to get through the permitting process to meet the criteria required to begin the project.  He also stated CID would get more points if it had a current water conservation plan.  The reservoir fits into the conservation plan but the last update to the CID plan was in 1999/2000.

Manager Ellison suggested the District get the money set aside for the project before applying for the grant. President Shawver tabled the discussion and will be reopened during the next budget cycle.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.


Operations Report
Operations Foreman, Pat Loftus reported field staff has been performing routine maintenance, replacing seals on pumps, installing new bearings and belts on drum screens and removing trees in West Richland between Bridge and Ranch Roads.

Manager Ellison stated the traveling screen did a really good job cleaning up the water at the Divide Gate. Recently a cage was built around the filters to keep debris off the screens resulting in less maintenance time required to keep the pumps running. The old actuator revamped for the gates may not be working properly as it works as if it is undersized.  It may need to be replaced.

Other Business
Director Gose brought the following motions before the Board for approval.

Director Gose made a motion that the fiscal year 2018 budget must be brought to the Board at the August 2017 meeting. Director Martin seconded the motion and was approved.

Director Gose made a motion that employee evaluations for the manager need to be done on a six month basis and the job descriptions and evaluations of all other employees be annually by March 1st. Director Martin seconded the motion and it was approved.

Director Gose made a motion that conflicts with patrons must be reported to the Board at the next monthly board meeting. Discussion followed the motion.  Director Shawver felt routine issues should not be reported; only issues such as ones causing potential financial consequences.

The motion was restated to on-going conflicts with patrons within the District that may lead to potential financial consequences will be reported to the Board at the next monthly meeting. The motion was seconded by Director Martin and approved.

Director Gose made a motion that contact with the CID lawyer can be done only when it pertains to CID business that would ordinarily be approved by the Board. A log will be kept for times contacted with reasons why contact was made and presented to the Board at the next monthly meeting. Director Martin seconded the motion and it was approved.

JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly left the meeting at 2:50 pm.

Sheila Thackham
Mrs. Thackham presented and read to the Board a packet of information (attached to the minutes) with background information. The packet contained the sequence of events that began April 2014 to present due to leak in a CID line within an easement.  Ultimately, she is requesting the valve installed in our easement in 2014 be removed and installed somewhere else.

Director Shawver stated the issue had been turned over to the insurance company and no action could be taken at present time. Director Gose stated he needed to know all the facts before he could make any decision.  He stated the insurance company should take care of the issue and she might get extra money. The issue of removing the valve was tabled.

Director Shawver directed Manager Ellison to call Enduris and request a 48 hour notice for going onto Thackham’s property.

Open Public Meetings Act
Manager Ellison presented the Board with a packet of Board Principles and Code of Conduct, particularly for the new board members.

ADJOURNMENT President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 3:22 pm.