The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 4:00 pm .  Present at the meeting were:

Vince Shawver, President Howard Ellison, Interim Manager
Matthew Morrell, Vice President              via conference call Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman

Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Jim Gose, Director

Guests: Sheila Thackham


Minutes, 2016
The Board reviewed the March 8th meeting minutes for approval.  Director Gose made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Shawver seconded the motion.  Motion approved.


Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $161,268.81
Voucher 02


Ray Poland


314,260.10 $475,528.91

The Board reviewed and discussed the February Vouchers. Director Gose made a motion to approve the Vouchers as submitted and Director Morrell seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

February Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the February financial statement.


Klages Lawsuit
Interim Manager Ellison presented a letter from Attorney Mike Shinn about the Klages Law suit accompanied by Judge Shea-Brown’s “Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law” pertaining to the suit. She agreed with CID on all the legal issues but is only allowing the Klages’s to join the LID with four out of 13.5 acres and pay damages (LID maintenance fees) based on the 4 acres as well. Klages’s will also be responsible for the cost of the suit plus reasonable attorney fees.

Traveling Screen
Interim Manager Ellison reported the traveling screen has been running and does a good job picking up debris out of the water. The bugs are being worked out and adjustments are being made to make it work more efficiently.

Interim Manager Ellison reported the land purchase for the reservoir is now complete.

The Dam Safety officials asked for a slope stability and analysis report. JUB suggested using Strata to do the analysis for approximately $4900.

Elite Sod
The Board viewed pictures of the Elite Sod Spillway.  The project is complete except for placing the grate.

Duportail Bridge
Interim Manager Ellison reported he and JUB Engineering met with officials from the City of Richland to discuss the Duportail Bridge project.  The City of Richland wanted to discuss building over our right of way and what CID wanted to do with the canal in that area.  JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly told the City that CID wanted the canal piped through the bridge area.  The City was not prepared to discuss the matter further. Because the canal was listed on the National Historical Register in 1993, the City of Richland will have to build the bridge with little impact to the District.

Work Orders by Division
The Board discussed the work orders from their respective divisions.


Management/Administrative Report

Hiring of Ditchrider
Interim Manager Ellison reported a new ditchrider has been hired and is currently in training. He has his CDL for doubles, triples and hazmat credentials.

Professional Services  – Attorney
Ellison reported only two law firms sent qualifications for services – Mike Shinn from Halverson Northwest Law Firm in Yakima and Thomas Cowan from Cowan Moore Billetdeaus Law Firm in Richland.

Transfer of Funds
Ellison requested a transfer of the following funds to pay on the Traveling Screen project, the Elite Sod project and the April bond payment:

From Surplus to O & M       $288,335.87 From Drainage to O & M     $104,000.00 From O & M to Bond            $124,281.25

Director Gose made a motion to approve the transfer of funds and Director Morrell seconded it. Motion approved.

Right of Way Encroachment
Interim Manager Ellison reported he had a conversation with Mr. Huet, a patron who recently purchased property on Bowles Road adjacent to the CID canal.   Mr. Huet is currently clearing the property and cutting into the canal bank right of way.  A letter was sent to Mr. Huet reiterating the conversation.  After Mr. Huet received the letter, he brought a short plat map into the office showing the District’s right of way as 50’ and signed by former manager, Keith Martin.  The canal is actually 62.5 feet from the centerline. Ellison stated Mr. Huet continues to dig into the right of way.  He will go out to talk to him again and send him a registered letter where he will have to sign for it.  Director Gose stated because Mr. Huet is in his division, he will go visit him.

Ellison reported and showed pictures of a leak on Morton Road caused by damages to a 22” pipe where fiber optic cables had been installed. Several more leaks surfaced as more and more water was turned on. The company was not qualified to fix the damage themselves so they hired a contractor to fix the pipes.

Operations Report
Operations Foreman Pat Loftus reported the cleaning and burning of the canal went well. It took six days to fill and flush. The crew has started turning on gravity lines and priming pump stations.

Ellison stated Loftus and the crew have done a very good job getting water started this year and felt they needed recognition for a job well done.

Sheila Thackham informed Mr. Loftus that she would not be available if anyone needed access to her property. She stated he could contact Stan King for access.

President Shawver stated the meeting would move into an executive session for fifteen minutes to discuss the management applications.

President Shawver moved the meeting into executive session at 2:05 pm. The meeting was moved back to regular session at 2:20 pm and promptly adjourned.