A special meeting of the Board of Directors of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 4:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Howard Ellison, Manager
Neil Martin, Vice President Bonnie Kulp, Recorder
Dallas Ayde, Director  
Jim Gose, Director  
Matthew Morrell, Director  

Guests: Sheila Thackham

President Shawver moved the meeting directly into executive session for the following reasons:

Discuss board interaction
Discuss a conflict of interest with the CID Attorney, Tom Cowan, and Manager Ellison

The estimated time was 40 minutes. Ms. Thackham exited the meeting.

Director Gose asked that Manager Ellison and Office Manager Kulp be removed from the meeting. Both Directors Shawver and Morrel stated there were questions to be asked so both remained.

At 4:45 pm the executive session was extended for 15 additional minutes. At 5:05 pm President Shawver moved the meeting back into the regular session and Sheila Thackham returned to the board room. There was a conversation between Ms. Thackham and the Board of Directors about the sequence of events.  She had asked Matt to do an investigation about the conflict of interest and she was interested in finding out what action the Board was going to take to know if she would pursue it further.  The conversation moved into more recent events concerning the valve installed in the easement on her property.  She has asked for an investigation as to why the valve was installed in that location by questioning two employees.  She does not feel the Board is doing their job and feels she has not been treated fairly.

Ms. Thackham filed a complaint at the Washington State Bar Association against Attorney Cowan. Mr. Cowan requested a letter be sent to him from the Board stating there is no conflict of interest

President Shawver asked Manager Ellison to follow up with Enduris to make sure the sink hole situation at Ms. Thackhams is taken care of.

Director Morrell made a motion to retain Attorney Cowan per the specifics from the MRSC conversation with Director Shawver indicating there was no conflict of interest. After discussion, he reworded his motion to write a letter stating per the information from MRSC, we do not see a conflict of interest and we would like to keep him on for the time being.  Director Ayde seconded the motion.  The vote indicated Directors Morrell and Ayde were in favor and Directors Gose, Martin and Shawver were against it. Motion failed.

Director Ayde made a motion stating at this point in time, we do not see a conflict of interest and would like to continue with Tom Cowan as CID attorney. If the attorney general investigates and finds differently, we will be forced to revisit the issue.  Director Morrell seconded the motion.  Directors Shawver, Ayde and Morrell voted yes and Directors Martin and Gose voted no.  Motion passed.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 5:35 pm.