The Special Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 2:00 p.m. Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Clancy Flynn, Manager
Neil Martin, Vice President Lila Freshment, Recorder
Dallas Ayde, Director
Jim Gose, Director
Sherri Thackham, Director

Guests:  None

President Shawver moved the meeting into a forty-five-minute Executive Session at 2:02 p.m. to discuss a personnel issue. The meeting was extended for an additional thirty minutes at 2:47 p.m. President Shawver moved the meeting into open session at 3:18 p.m. The Board was notified that Mr. Flynn was considering another offer of employment. President Shawver stated the Board is pleased with his performance and has agreed to offer Mr. Flynn a 3-year contract at $125,000.00 per year with benefits remaining the same. Mr. Flynn will consider the offer and will let them know on Monday.

Director Thackham asked Mr. Flynn why the Bureau of Reclamation turned down our reservoir grant. Mr. Flynn stated he had a debriefing meeting with the Bureau on the Energy Efficiency Grant. The Bureau said the District scored well however they question whether this grant was the right fit for our project. The Energy Efficiency Grant is more of a water savings than a water management program. They also stated there was a fifty four percent increase in applicants this year.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 3:20 p.m.