The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers
Neil Martin, Vice President Tom Cowan, Attorney
Dallas Ayde, Director Howard Ellison, Manager
Jim Gose, Director Pat Loftus, Field Foreman
Matthew Morrell, Director Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Guests: Sheila Thackham, Sherry Thackham, Stan King, Donna Gose

Sheila Thackham wanted her service dog to be addressed. She stated she had her attorney write a letter to CID about the valve that was installed on her property and requested advance notifications should CID need access the valve to allow her ample time to secure her dog.  Her attorney received a response from Attorney Cowan about the easement but it did not address the dog.  Because so, she stated, she sent the letters to the Attorney General to have them evaluated.

Ms. Thackham also gave CID notice that her service dog is priced at $100,000 and CID could not use her driveway or her gate to get onto the easement. She stated her dog pen sits on the easement.  She conceded CID could go in on the south entrance, although it is not on her property. She is willing to let CID install a gate at the garden area.

Director Morrell suggested CID write a policy and procedure pertaining to the dog.


Minutes, March 3, 2017
The minutes of March 3, 2017 were presented to the Board. Director Martin made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Morrell seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

President Shawver stated that he called the State of Washington MRSC about the Open Public Meetings Act. He received clarification about board member’s conversations held outside of board meetings.

March Vouchers

Voucher 01

Voucher 02

Voucher 03

Reimburse Revolving Fund

UPI, Cascade

Poland & Sons, Elite Sod





The February Vouchers were reviewed and discussed by the Board. Director Morrell made a motion to approve the Vouchers and Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Director Morrell made a motion to transfer $30,000 from Surplus to O & M to cover additional expenses during the month of March. Director Gose seconded the motion.  Motion approved. Manager Ellison showed the Board pictures of the canal road near the Elite Sod Spillway where winter damages made it necessary to re-compact the road.  Ellison had Ray Poland & Sons complete the job.

February Financial Statement
The February Financial Statement was reviewed and discussed by the Board.


Duportail Bridge
Manager Ellison reported all documents pertaining to CID have been signed. Preliminary work is under way to get set up to begin the project.  Gary Weatherly reported JUB is almost finished designing the flume.

Elite Sod Gates
Manager Ellison reported the new gates are in and CID is waiting on the correct nut for the actuator.  Both gates move up and down as they should but currently the structure is successfully running with one gate until the nut is installed on the actuator.

Attorney Tom Cowan reported a hearing will take place next Thursday.  The judge will be issuing the schedule for awarding the final decree.  He explained it is about a nine month process to allow people to correct their water rights or make objections. Cowan anticipates next year at this time, the judge will be issuing the final decree.  In regards to the CID rights, a definitive boundary description needs to be done to include all places of use before the schedule of rights is issued.

LID 04
Manager Ellison showed the Board the recorded Short Plat map of the Thackham property and pointed out the easement. President Shawver read an easement CID uses when putting pipelines on landowners property.  It stated the District has the right to go over, under and across the lands to construct, repair, replace, improve, operate and maintain irrigation infrastructure within the easements. Manager Ellison gave the Board copies of RCW87.03.455 District’s right to cross other property; RCW 79.36.540 Right of way for irrigation, diking, and drainage purposes; RCW87.03.140 Board’s powers and duties generally – condemnation procedure. These RCWs were given to Ms. Thackham strictly for information.  Ellison stated the main thing he told her was that CID would treat her and her property with respect as we would anyone else in our district and the only time we might have to go onto her property was in a dire emergency in the case of extreme flooding where loss of structures or life would occur.

Manager Ellison re-explained the drawing on the Board pertaining to LID 04.

City of Kennewick Oak/Fairway Lane
Manager Ellison reported he met with the City of Kennewick pertaining to their water run off at Oak and Fairway Lane.  The City plans to put in a dry well catch basin to collect their water and hold it on their property.

Columbia Park Spillway
Last year, the actuator at the Columbia Park Spillway was tripping the circuit breaker and the telemetry wouldn’t work. A new actuator has been installed to eliminate the problem.

The gear reduction actuator at the Divide was not working well as planned. When the Divide was rebuilt, it went from three gates to two larger gates. The gear reduction actuator was removed and replaced with a spare CID had in stock.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.


Ray Poland
Manager Ellison showed pictures of the canal road repair near the Elite Sod Spillway earlier in the meeting.

He showed pictures of the beaver dam and pond at the Highland Drain. Since the picture was taken the pond has been drained and the beavers were trapped. Also shown were pictures of the bridge at Belfair where a homeless man is living underneath the bridge that crosses the canal.  

Operations Report
Operations Foreman, Pat Loftus reported they hauled about 990 cubic yards of material from the settling basin. The canal has been burned, filled and flushed for six days and currently pump station are being turned on. Overall, he felt priming has gone well.

Other Business
President Shawver mentioned the training class from Enduris will be in April or May.  Manager Ellison stated he would like to rent a van and take the entire board on a tour of the canal.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 2:28 pm.