President Shawver called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Jeff Sperline, Sperline Raekes Law
Neil Martin, Vice President Curt Strifert, Manager
Dallas Ayde, Director Lila Freshment, Recorder
Sherri Thackham, Director
Marilyn Dickenson, Director

Guests: Lori Collins

Director Shawver motioned to approve the Agenda as submitted and Director Thackham provided a second. Motion carried.

Lori Collins requested a reduction in water rights for parcel #108981020093000. President Shawver stated that the Board of Directors has placed a moratorium on the relinquishment of water rights and therefore cannot grant her request.



CID/KID Interlocal Agreement
Mr. Sperline presented the Board with the completed agreement. Director Ayde motioned to approve the Interlocal Agreement. Director Thackham seconded the motion. Motion carried. KID’s attorney will present the agreement for approval at KID’s next meeting.

Plaque – Jim Gose
Mr. Strifert showed the Board the plaque made to honor Jim Gose for his many years of service to the District. Mr. Strifert will make arrangements to present it to Donna Gose.

Grant Update
The District will be submitting the final report to the Bureau of Reclamation after all invoices have been received for the Lateral #2, 2.26 Liner. The Bureau notified the District they are behind on finalizing awards for the Small-Scale Water Efficiency Program. The grant is to fund four automated gates scheduled to be installed next year. They are hoping to complete the process by the end of January or early February. Mr. Strifert will order the gates once we receive notice from the Bureau. The District will receive the liner material to extend the Lateral #2 liner to Bernath Road in January. President Shawver stated he received notification the Bureau of Reclamation will be making funds available for the Lower Yakima River Projects. Mr. Strifert will inform the Board when more details are given.

Certification of Election – Division #1 & #4
Director’s Shawver, Division #1 and Director Dickenson, Division #4 were the only candidates to submit “Petitions of Candidacy” for their Divisions and therefore being unopposed, retain their seats on the Board.


Operations Report
Mr. Strifert reported the District Shop was broken into sometime during the night of December 15th or early morning December 16th. Mr. Strifert stated roughly $25,000.00 in tools were stolen. A District truck was stolen but later recovered. A safe has been installed to store more expensive items. The District is updating security at the Shop and a claim has been filed with Enduris.

LID #38 East – New Pump Station
Mr. Strifert addressed the Board regarding installing an additional pump station on LID #38. He will investigate the cost of the project and inform the Board.

Solar Power
Mr. Strifert stated he is looking into installing a solar field on the former reservoir site. The power generated could be sold to Benton PUD. He will report to the Board once he receives more information.

WSWRA Conference Review
President Shawver and Mr. Strifert attended the WSWRA Conference held from December 1st through December 3rd. President Shawver reported on the conference and topics that were discussed.

The New Rate Schedule will be added to the January 6th meeting agenda.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.