The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers
Matthew Morrell, Vice President Howard Ellison, Manager
Neil Martin, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
Jim Gose, Director Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Guests: Stan King


President Shawver opened the Board of Equalization at 1:00 pm. There was no one present to come before the Board therefore the Board of Equalization was immediately closed.


There were no public comments.


Minutes, November 4, 2016

The minutes of November 4, 2016 were submitted for approval. Director Gose commented on the statements made by Sheryl Brandt, Risk Management Officer from Enduris Insurance. He stated he did not believe everything she said pertaining to wearing the different hats and wanted his opinion to be noted in the records.  She had stated the most important thing a board member can do when acting as a Board member is to take the “citizen hat” off and put the “board hat” on.  Director Gose stated he is working for the District and he will also support the people that voted him in so he will keep both hats on.

Director Gose asked about the policy he brought last month about checking in and out keys and wanted to know if anything had been started on it. Manager Ellison brought previous policies to the meeting for the Board to review.

Director Gose made a motion to approve the November 4th meeting minutes and Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Minutes, November 9, 2016

Director Gose made a motion to approve the November 9th meeting minutes.  Director Morrell seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

November Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $117,990.02

The Board reviewed and discussed the November Vouchers. Director Morrell made a motion to approve the November Vouchers as submitted and Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

October Financial Statement

The October Financial Statement was reviewed and discussed by the Board.

Interlocal Agreement

The Board signed the Interlocal Agreement for the District to be able to use gravel from the Benton County gravel pit.


Duportail Bridge

Manager Ellison reported the contract went to the CID Attorney he has corrected and sent back to the City of Richland. We are waiting for the City to make the changes so it can be approved.

Elite Sod Gates

Manager Ellison reported CID is moving forward to replace the gate at the Elite Sod Spillway. JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly explained the project.

Director Martin exited the meeting.

Interlocal Agreement

Manager Ellison reported the price of gravel from Owen’s Pit had been set at $1.20 per yard.

LID #04

Manager Ellison reviewed the pipeline replacement project for LID #04 and showed pictures of the process.


Manager Ellison discussed the legalities of public entities voting in the election and the necessary documentation required for eligibility.  Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 3:00 pm was the date set to canvass the absentee ballots.

Canal Right of Way Policy

Manager Ellison gave the Board the existing policy on the canal right of way. Director Gose stated changes needed to be made and a date for a workshop should be set. Director Morrell stated the directors are only covered by L & I when they are on the clock, being paid for their time. He also stated he spoke with the insurance adjuster for Enduris and was assured the board members were not covered by Enduris when they are out on the canal right of way looking around. The only coverage would come from the director’s private insurance and the adjuster stated a copy of the director’s insurance should be on file.  Not all Director’s agreed this was necessary.


Director Shawver asked Manager Ellison what the status was for grant applications. Ellison stated he spent two hours with Gary Weatherly discussing available grants. Water wise grants from the Bureau of Reclamation are obtained competively by saving more water for fish.  The process is completing a 50 page application with information on how water is to be saved.  Points are received for up-to-date approved water conservation plan which CID does not have.  Water Smart Grants through the Bureau are the principal grants available.  Deadlines are in January, February and April. For districts that have a water conservation plan it can cost up to $10,000 for preparing information for the application with no guarantee one will be obtained. The recommended approach is to come up with estimates on how much water CID could save with canal lining and the reservoir project.  Lists for past projects, containing how much money was spent and how much water was saved, are printed out for awarded Water Smart Grants. CID needs to look at the statistics to determine whether CID can be competitive.

The District does not have the necessary information to complete the applications. JUB can look at the reservoir project, determine the cost and CID can look at the statistics to see if we have a competitive chance.

Work Orders by Division

The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.


Operations Report

Operations Manager, Pat Loftus reported the crew has begun pumping out the Settling Basin at the dam. They have removed leaking weir boxes and fixing valves that were leaking at the end of the water season.

Manager Ellison commented that due to the Clean Water Act, he is changing his plan for the City of Kennewick for fixing their water run-off near the fair grounds. The District cannot allow their storm water to run across the canal banks and into the canal.

ADJOURNMENT President Shawver the meeting at 2:25 pm.