The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 p.m.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Clancy Flynn, Manager
Neil Martin, Vice President Curt Strifert, Crew Lead
Dallas Ayde, Director Lila Freshment, Recorder
Jim Gose, Director
Sherri Thackham, Director

Guests: Marvin Harshman


The Harshman – Annual Permit Fee discussion was changed to the first item under Old Business. A discussion on the Highland Drain was added as the last item under Old Business. Director Gose motioned to approve the Agenda as amended. Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion carried.




Minutes of January 17, 2020
The minutes of January 17, 2020 were presented to the Board. Director Thackham asked for the minutes to be revised with more detail added to the report on the Mark Limbaugh phone conference. The approval of the January 17th minutes was tabled until the February 21st meeting.

January Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $126,611.07

The Board reviewed and discussed the January Vouchers.  Director Thackham motioned to approve the vouchers as submitted.  The motion was seconded by Director Gose.  Motion carried.

December Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the December Financial Statement.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.

Water Right Relinquishment Petition
A motion was made by Director Ayde and seconded by Director Thackham to deny the Water Right Relinquishment Petition submitted for the following parcel due to the current moratorium on relinquishment:

1-3099-102-0002-013            0.24 acres          Gerald D. & Winona Sleater Jr.

The motion carried.


Harshman – Annual Permit Fee
Mr. Harshman currently has an Annual Permit Fee agreement with the District for access to his property at 710 S. Elm using CID Right-of-Way. He was originally granted access from Beech Street, but then given access from S. Elm Street when it was brought to the District’s attention Beech Street was a private road. He agreed to install a gate at the entrance of the right-of-way at S. Elm Street at his expense and provide the gate code to CID. Mr. Harshman is requesting the annual permit fee of $125.00 be waived. Director Thackham motioned to waive the annual fee for 2020 and review it again next year. The motion died for lack of a second. The Board discussed options. Director Martin motioned to grant Mr. Harshman a lifetime permit for $250.00. Director Thackham seconded the motion. Motion Carried.

Chandler Electrification
Mr. Flynn stated he had no new information to report.

Mr. Flynn stated he is reapplying for a grant to help fund the reservoir. The deadline for submission is March 19th for the larger grant. The Board revisited obtaining the service of Mr. Limbaugh of the Ferguson Group and Joining the Joint Board as associate members. There has been no update on the membership fee. Mr. Flynn will contact Mr. Limbaugh for his recommendation on how to proceed.

Highland Drain
Mr. Flynn stated he is working with KID on a solution to fix the Highland Drain.


Resolution 2020-2 and 2020-3
Mr. Flynn presented two resolutions to the Board for approval. (copies attached) Resolution 2020-2 Resolution 2020-2  for the pursuit of a Bureau of Reclamation Water Smart Grant for monies to help cover the cost of the 27.2 Re-Regulation Reservoir Project. Resolution 2020-3 Resolution 2020-3  is to the pursuit of a Bureau of Reclamation Water Smart Grant for monies to help cover the cost of the 1.94 Mile Lateral 2 Liner Project. Director Thackham motioned to approve both resolutions. Director Ayde seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Operations Report
Mr. Flynn gave the water report. Storage in the reservoirs has surpassed what there was at this time last year. Operations Staff are making progress cleaning areas of the canal. Mr. Flynn stated we had not yet received the survey from Stratton on the Parella property. He will follow up with them. Mr. Flynn updated the Board on the status of the O.J. Smith short plat. He will be meeting with the Smith’s on February 13th.
Mr. Flynn notified the Board of upcoming meetings. The next Joint Board Meeting will be held on February 28th.

Report on Joint Board Meeting
President Shawver reported on the January 24th Joint Board meeting he attended with Director Gose. He stated the reservoirs are about eighty percent of normal. He spoke with Ron Anderson, the Yakima County Commissioner for District 2. Mr. Anderson expressed an interest in touring our canal system. The state legislature is planning to hire someone dedicated to helping with Yakima River irrigation issues. A fall tour will be scheduled to look at all fish screens. Fiscal Year 2020 funding was also discussed at the meeting.

Director Martin asked if any progress had been made at the fairgrounds. Mr. Flynn stated he will follow up with the County again.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m.