The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Clancy Flynn, Manager
Neil Martin, Vice President Lila Freshment, Recorder
Dallas Ayde, Director  
Jim Gose, Director  
Sherri Thackham, Director  


Marvin Harshman


Director Gose requested “Canal Cleaning” and “CID Priorities” be added to the agenda. Director Thackham asked for a clarification on the 2019 Assessment increase. There was an increase of $14.32 to the first acre rate and $4.00 to the second acre rate. This equals to a 6.4 percent increase of the total budget. Director Thackham motioned to approve the Agenda as amended.  Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Mr. Harshman addressed the Board regarding his request to use CID Right-of-Way at the Divide for ingress/egress to his property at 710 S. Elm. The Board accepted his request and granted him ingress/egress access at Beech Street during the January 4th Board Meeting. Mr. Harshman requested his access point be changed to Elm Street. President Shawver explained the Board would consider his request and advise him of their decision. Mr. Harshman exited the meeting at 1:20 pm. The Board took Mr. Harshman’s request under consideration.  The Board determined Mr. Harshman’s access point should remain at Beech Street.


Tapteal Settling Pond
Mr. Flynn stated he has spoken with the Washington State Department of Transportation. They will research why the pipe wasn’t installed under the canal and highway originally. They will also have their engineers review it to determine if it can be allowed now.

Chandler Electrification
There is no new information to report.

ROW Update
There is no new information to report.

There is no new information to report.

Open Positions
Mr. Flynn stated that Bob Ingraham has been promoted to foreman.  Hector Mendoza will move into the maintenance position vacated by Mr. Ingraham.  Two candidates have been scheduled for pre-employment screenings to fill the utility position vacated by Mr. Mendoza and the open ditchrider position.

Director Thackham asked if there was any update on the Benton County Fairgrounds stormwater issue.  Mr. Flynn stated no work has begun yet. He will contact the County for an update.


Main Canal
Director Thackham stated that she and Mr. Flynn met with Mr. Ginder and came to an agreement to attempt to get him more water to his property.  Director Thackham motioned to extend Mr. Ginder’s lead to the middle of the ditch and attach a forty-five-degree elbow and pipe with holes in it to act as a filter. Director Ayde seconded the motion. Motion carried.

President Shawver addressed the need for more training for the Board.  Director Thackham suggested asking Anna Franz, who gave a presentation at WSWRA on the Open Public Meetings Act, to give a presentation to our Board.  Mr. Flynn mentioned that MRSC has an archived webinar available on “Open Public Meetings”. There is also a webinar scheduled for February 12th on “Utility Fiscal Management and Strategic Long-Term Financial Planning”. The Board will view the training webinar on “OPMA” and “Utility Fiscal Management”, if it has been archived, at the February 15th meeting. 

Operations Report
Mr. Flynn discussed the water outlook for the upcoming season.  Mr. Flynn stated Mr. Sperline is meeting with the attorney for Eliodoro Lopez today regarding the pole barn built over a CID pipeline. He is still waiting to hear from the Bureau regarding the grant authorization. Mr. Flynn reported the service truck ordered from Corwin Ford was never ordered by the dealer and would take another twelve weeks to deliver. It was decided to purchase the truck from McCurley Chevrolet since they had one available on their lot. Mr. Flynn stated he has a draft policy prepared to recognize people with flowers at a funeral or for service to the District.  The Board will review it and be prepared to discuss it at the next meeting.

Canal Cleaning
Mr. Flynn explained how to help with Don Jensen’s property. It would need to be the same process as Oak and Bowles; drain, install membrane and concrete on top of it. Back in 2004 we paid $155.96 per linear foot for 1,330 feet at Oak and Bowles. With inflation it is just over 33% or $208.78 per linear foot. Lining the whole area is roughly 2,245 feet. Mr. Flynn suggested to Jensen to do an underground drainage to help with the ground water. He also informed the Board that the Jensen’s no longer own the property.

Director Thackham asked how hard it would be to dry the area, pull the concrete and install clay. Mr. Flynn said it would be a time-consuming process but is doable.

Mr. Flynn stated he is trying to work with KID to continue taking water from the Highland Drain. There was some discussion about the drain and its operation.

CID Priorities
Director Gose wanted to discuss what CID’s top priorities should be. He would like the District to spend time each month on the right-of-way issues. Mr. Flynn stated he has met with Dave Perrella twice. He proposed Mr. Perrella pick out a surveyor and we will pay for the survey.  Both parties will then abide by the survey. Mr. Perrella stated he would need some time to think about it. Mr. Flynn stated he will be contacting him the first of February. He believes this will be a good starting ground for right-of-way issues.

Director Gose stated his property has been surveyed three times and it followed the 1918 deeds each time. Mr. Flynn stated not all properties along the canal are 50 feet from the center of the canal.

Director Gose would like the District to touch base with OJ Smith to find out how to get water to his other parcels after subdividing. Ms. Freshment stated that we have sent him the short plat requirements. After some discussion on the OJ Smith property, Mr. Flynn stated that he has halted the short plat due to the survey stating he owns to the center of the canal. He spoke with the surveyor and informed him of our concerns.

Director Discussion
Director Martin asked about any updates on the Ellison issue. Mr. Flynn stated we haven’t received a new hearing date yet.

Director Thackham would like to have the auditor come in to review Cash Basis Accounting. There was a discussion on budgeting and line items.

Director Gose asked why the canal near his property is cleaned every year. Mr. Ingraham informed him that the canal there is smaller and the water travels slower which causes more sediment build up.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 2:53 pm.