The Board meeting of January 5, 2015 for the Columbia Irrigation District was reconvened at 10:00 am by President Jerry Sleater.  Present at the meeting were:

Jerry Sleater, President Pat Loftus, Operations Lead
Howard Ellison, Vice President Bonnie Kulp, Deputy Secretary/Recorder
Matthew Morrell, Director
Jim Gose, Director
Vince Shawver, Director

Resolution 01-09-2015-01
Benton County Road Department reversed their decision not to allow CID to haul rock from Owen’s Pit.  President Sleater asked for a motion to approve a resolution agreeing to the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement between Benton County and the District.  Director Ellison made a motion to approve Resolution 01-09-2015-01 and Director Shawver seconded.  Motion approved.

Field Trip
The Board Members exited the building at 10:10 am.  Directed by Lead Man, Pat Loftus, they toured the potential reservoir site and Owen’s Pit.  They returned to the office at 11:20 am.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:25 pm.