The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, Engineer
Neil Martin, Vice President Clancy Flynn, Manager
Dallas Ayde, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
Jim Gose, Director Lila Freshment, Recorder
Sherri Thackham, Director  

Guests:  Sheila Thackham, Stan King


Minutes of June 1, 2018
Director Gose motioned to approve the minutes of June 1, 2018.  Director Ayde seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

June Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $152,957.70

The Board reviewed and discussed the June Vouchers.  Director Ayde motioned to approve the vouchers as submitted.  The motion was seconded by Director Martin.  Motion approved.

May Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the May Financial Statement.


Downed Trees on Right-of-Way
Mr. Flynn informed the Board of the current standing of this issue.  He also stated the District’s insurance policy does not pay for fallen trees.

The Board discussed what the next step should be to move forward with the Reservoir.  Mr. Flynn will research sources of funding.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.


Set Workshop Date
The Board scheduled a workshop meeting for Friday, July 13, 2018 to review and revise the Employee Handbook and conduct Open Public Meeting Training.

Operations Report
Mr. Flynn reviewed graphs showing water usage with the Board.  Discussion was held regarding the District’s right-of-way along the canal.  Mr. Flynn stated he is looking into the possibility of creating a settling pond on a piece of land owned by the Union Pacific Railroad to collect storm runoff at Tapteal.

Mr. Flynn suggested the District have a general design specification and template Hold Harmless Agreement prepared by the District’s engineer and attorney, to be used in instances such as pipeline crossings.  Director Ayde motioned to authorize the manager to have a template pipeline crossing design and Hold Harmless prepared.  Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Mr. Flynn stated the Board of Director pay limits had been increased and would be effective July 1, 2018.  Director Ayde motioned to increase Director pay to $128.00 per meeting.  Director Martin seconded the motion.  Those in favor, President Shawver, Director Ayde, Director Martin and Director Gose.  Director Thackham abstained.

Mr. Flynn reported on meetings he attended in June and informed the Board of meetings currently scheduled for July.

Sheila Thackham commented on the cost of the District’s vehicle rotation practice.  Mr. Flynn responded to the specifics of the vehicle to be replaced this coming fiscal year.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 3:06 pm.