President Shawver called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Curt Strifert, Secretary/Manager
Neil Martin, Vice President Lila Freshment, Recorder
Dallas Ayde, Director
Sherri Thackham, Director
Marilyn Dickenson, Director

Guests: None 


Director Martin motioned to approve the agenda as submitted. Director Thackham seconded the motion. Motion carried.



Minutes of May 6, 2022
Director Thackham motioned to approve the minutes of May 6, 2022. Director Martin seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Department of Natural Resources Update
The Interagency Agreement has been completed and sent to the Department of Natural Resources. The District is waiting for their response.

Owens Pit Interlocal Agreement
There is nothing new to report.

Micro Homes on 16th
The service has been installed for the micro homes on 16th Avenue in Kennewick. These are the low-income micro homes for veterans. The parcel was added to LID #03 earlier this year.

Policy Review

Procedure 1.2.1 – Proposing, writing, formatting, authorizing, and revising Policies and Procedures
     The review of this policy was tabled until the next meeting.

Policy 2.1 – Employee Recognition and Annual Safety Meeting
     Paragraph two-Awards Ceremony is amended to “The presentation of the awards will be conducted as part of the
District’s annual safety meeting in December of each year, or as set by the Board of Directors.”

Columbia Irrigation District Bylaws
     Article IV – Board of Directors Meetings: The meeting time was changed from 1:00 pm to 9:00 am. The sentence
“Upon occasion this may need to be rescheduled due to the needs of the District” was added at the end of the first

Article V – Terms and Duties: The first sentence of paragraph six was amended to “A majority of the Directors (at
least three) shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business requiring attention by the Board and
concurrence shall be by majority vote. The second sentence was amended to “These special voting requirements
shall not be subject to reduction or other amendment by the later amendment of these Bylaws except by way of a
vote which complies with the applicable majority voting requirement.”

Amending the Bylaws: The first sentence was amended to “These Bylaws will be reviewed by the Board of
Directors and the District Manager in his capacity as Board Secretary bi-annually for pertinence and accuracy.”
The second sentence was removed.

Policy 1.3 – Declaration of Emergency and Emergency Response
     The last sentence was amended to “This policy may be updated as needed, following Board policy review or the
reorganization of the Board or staff changes that may affect the appointed designee.”

Policy 4.1 – Canal and Piped Facilities Management
     2.B.2 -The last sentence was amended to “However, where there is compelling documentation supporting a larger
ROW, staff will ensure the protection of the ROW based upon said documentation.”

2.B.4 – Operations Foreman was replaced with District Manager.

Service Recognition and Annual Safety Meeting Procedure
     A.1 – Amended to “The District should provide and annual safety meeting for employees.”

A.2.C – Amended to “Lunch and presentation of awards shall be supplied by the District.”

B.1.a – District Manager will make recommendations one month prior to scheduled safety meeting.

B.1.b – The Directors will ratify or reject Manager recommendations at said board meeting.
2.b.3 – “Cannot” amended to “shall not”.

3.a.2 – “Cannot” amended to “shall not”. The single award value was increased to $200.00.

Purchasing Procedure
     The procedure for “purchases between $10,000 and $50,000” was amended to “purchases between $25,000 and
$50,000”. Under the same section, b – $10,000 was amended to $25,000, c – “will” amended to “should” and g –
“will” amended to “shall”.

Purchases in excess of $50,000:  b, c, d, and e – general manager amended to secretary/manager. e – “will”
amended to “shall” in the first and second sentences.

Credit Card Procedure
     2 – “Manager” amended to “Secretary/Manager”.

5 – “are to” amended to “shall”.

The procedure will be reviewed by the attorney prior to approval.

The Emergency Response Plan Policy and Procedure

Page 3 – Contacts will be reviewed and update to reflect current information. Mr. Strifert will prepare a procedure
review to give to employees annually before water season begins. It will be added to the policy and procedure.
Notification of individual utilities listed in the procedure is amended to “Notify utilities. Where the procedure
contains “Assumption” or “Assume” on each scenario, staff will standardize so that all are the same. The sample
resolution title – “Commissioners” amended to “Board of Directors”. Staff will update the form and remove
outdated information to make it a template.

Staff will revise the policies and procedures and present them to the Board for approval.

Policy 3.1 – Public Records Disclosure
A copy of the revised policy was presented to the Board for their review and approval. It was noted that the parenthesis contained in line four of the first paragraph, after “provisions” should be removed. Director Thackham motioned to approve Policy 3.1 Public Records Disclosure with the noted change. Director Ayde seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Operations Report
Mr. Strifert reported that field staff is nearly caught up on work orders. Water usage remains lower than previous years.

Upcoming Grant
The Board viewed a map of the areas Mr. Strifert is proposing for lining. He recommended the District hire a contractor to line the canal near Bertle Spillway this off season and apply for a grant to line a section of approximately nine hundred feet located upstream of Elite Sod Spillway in 2023 – 2024. Mr. Strifert asked the Board for a decision at the next meeting.

The District missed attending the Joint Board meeting this morning. He suggested the Board may want to shift the District’s Board meeting time when this happens to allow for attendance of the Joint Board meeting.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 11:32 a.m.