CALL TO ORDER The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm .  Present at the meeting were:

Vince Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineering
Matthew Morrell, Vice President Jerry Sleater, Director Howard Ellison, Interim Manager

Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman

Jim Gose, Director Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Guests: Sherry Thackham


Minutes, April 1, 2016
The Board reviewed the April 1st meeting minutes for approval.  Director Morrell made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Gose seconded the motion.  Motion approved.


Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $180,227.63

The Board reviewed and discussed the April Vouchers. Director Morrell made a motion to approve the Vouchers as submitted and Director Gose seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

March Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the March financial statement. District spending is within budget at 47.78% spent.


Elite Sod Spillway
Interim Manager Ellison presented pictures of the Elite Sod Spillway gates on the canal side to show how worn they are. The gates and tracks are rusted and the wood on the back side is completely rotted out.  The gates will make the season but replacement is imminent and will be put on the fall project list.

Traveling Screen
Picture of traveling screen showed the massive pile of tumbleweeds collected from the last storm. A short video showed how the tumbleweeds were not getting picked up.  Modifications have been made to the screen itself by welding on little teats to grab the tumbleweeds out of the water and run them up and over the screen.  Erecting the fence will be the final step to complete this project.

Duportail Bridge
Ellison reported he met with the City of Richland in Gary’s Weatherly’s office at JUB. They discussed preliminary plans on how the City wanted to build the bridge and how they would like to come across the CID right-of-way. Weatherly stated JUB personnel has completed cost estimates for the different options and has submitted them to the City. He also stated he has learned the City has a 36” domestic water pipeline that provides water to south Richland and may interfere with piping the Districts canal through the bridged area.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders from their respective divisions.


Management/Administrative Report

Nine Canyon Road Pipeline
Interim Manager Ellison reported the pipeline replacement project, previously estimated to be 3000 feet of pipe,  has been reduced to approximately 500 feet.  A vacuum truck was used to expose the pipe and found a 24 inch transite pipe that appeared to be working fine. The pipe was followed toward the ditch and the problem was found.  The District will try to make it through to October 15th and replace the pipe during the off season to eliminate the need for a contractor to do the job.  Ellison received two bids for 500 feet of pipe – HD Fowler for $23,000 and Ferguson for $26,000.

Ellison explained the right of way discrepancy with Mr. Huet, the new owner of parcel #120802000014000. A 1906 deed was found at Benton Franklin Title Co. to prove the easement in the area of dispute to be 62.5 feet.

LID #04
Ellison reported he found six parcels served by LID #04 that were not within the boundary of the LID. Letters were sent to those land owners informing them they will be added and charged for the annual LID Maintenance costs.  Further research found when the water in LID #04 is turned off, those parcels in LID #12 are also turned off.  Letters were sent to land owners in LID#12 informing them that their LID will be merged with LID#04.

Fence at Traveling Screen
The fence at the Traveling Screen will cost $6,477.77. It will have the 12’ gates and be installed the 26th of May.

Letter from Attorney David Hevel
Ellison reported we received a letter from Attorney David Hevel, requesting documents concerning the resignation of Joel Teeley. Ellison contacted Keller Allen, the attorney at Enduris to review the documents the District will send.  The documents have been sent to Hevel and the District has heard nothing further. 

Operations Report
Operations Foreman Pat Loftus reported the irrigation season began with the typical repairs that occurr over the winter. He also reported there is a computer problem at the Columbia Park Spillway and a problem with the drive at the Laguna Vista Pump Station.

Case Backhoe
Ellison reported the new backhoe is expected to be delivered May 18, 2016.

Owen’s Pit
Benton County is still working on the mining permit. While that process is taking place Matt Rassmussen, Benton County Engineer has indicated to Ellison, the County will send CID the Inter-local Agreement to get set in place so the only thing left to complete will be inserting the price. It is estimated to be August before the District will be able to access any of the rock.

Director Gose suggested the District  make a decision on a local attorney for District business.  Ellison stated Thomas Cowan had sent a letter of interest and has been a water attorney for several years. Director Gose made a motion to select Cowan and Director Morrell seconded it.  Ellison stated he followed up with Mr. Cowan about his letter of interest and Mr. Cowan agreed he would represent the District for $200 an hour. He currently is an attorney for Badger Mountain Irrigation District and Kiona Irrigation District. A vote was taken and the motion was approved.

Change of Meeting Date
Director Gose suggested changing the regular meeting date to be more accommodating to certain members of the board who have a difficult time in the summer months attending the meetings. Director Morrell suggested 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon and Director Shawver stated he would be able to attend at that time.  Director Gose made a motion to move the Board Meeting date to Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm beginning the next meeting.  Director Morrell seconded the motion. Director Morrell asked Office Manager, Bonnie Kulp if the time would work for her.  She said she was flexible but questioned the timing of a meeting on a late Friday afternoon before the weekend.  She also questioned the professionalism of continually changing the board meeting to suit the board members work schedules.  She stated a meeting time should be set at a permanent time as all other irrigation districts do.  Director Sleater made a motion to rescind the motion to allow more thought to the change and Director Morrell seconded it.  Motion was approved with one vote opposed by Jim Gose.

At 2:05 pm, President Shawver stated the meeting would move into executive session for 45 minutes to evaluate applicants for the management position. Secretary of the Board, Bonnie Kulp was informed her presence would not be necessary in the meeting.   The Board realized they did not have the information needed to evaluate the applicants and discussed their options.  President Shawver moved the meeting back into the regular session at 2:50 pm.

President Shawver recessed the meeting at 2:55 pm to Friday, May 20, 2016 at 4:00 pm to review the management applications.