The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers
Neil Martin, Director Tom Cowan, Attorney
Jerry Sleater, Director Howard Ellison, Manager
Jim Gose, Director Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
  Bonnie Kulp, Recorder

Sheryl Brandt, Enduris

Guests: Shiela Thackam, Sherry Thackham, Stan King, Donna Gose

There were no public comments.


Minutes, October 7, 2016
The minutes of October 7 2016 were submitted for approval. Director Gose made a comments on page two, under the LID #03 Joining Fee. The minutes stated: “It is the responsibility of CID to deliver irrigation water to the high point of 40 acres and the property owner would have to take it from there.”  Director Gose stated that comment is not entirely true, that it is a Bureau of Reclamation law, closely adhered to by the Bureau but CID is not tied to the Bureau.  Gose requested the statement be removed.  Secretary Bonnie Kulp stated the comment is in the minutes because it was stated in Manager Ellison’s explanation leading up to the topic for discussion. Manager Ellison stated he would look up the laws pertaining to the issue.

Director Gose made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Martin seconded it. Motion approved.

October Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $131,269.05
Voucher 02 SePro – Herbicide Contract $106,517.39


The Board reviewed and discussed the October Vouchers. Director Gose made a motion to approve the Vouchers as submitted and Director Martin seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

Directors Shaver and Gose commented on the timing the minutes were posted on the web site. They felt they were not being posted in a timely manner and stated they had not been posted since August 5th.   Director Gose made a motion for the meeting minutes to be posted on the website the following business day after each meeting. In addition the attachment for the July 15 meeting be put on the web site. Director Morrell seconded the motion and it was approved.

Director Gose stated the responsibilities of those in the CID need to be lined out so when the floor drops out the Board will know who to blame.

September Financial Statement
The September Financial Statement was reviewed and discussed by the Board.

There have been two petitions of candidacy submitted for each of the #02 and #03 Divisions so President Shawver called for an Election workshop meeting for Wednesday, November 9th at 6:00 pm.    Tom Cowan, CID Attorney explained the email he sent Manager Ellison explaining the process for canvassing and counting of the ballots.

Board Member Responsibility/Vehicle Keys
Sheryl Brandt, Chief Risk Officer of Enduris, a Washington State Risk Pool entity.  Enduris provides liability insurance for our District and about 40 other special purpose districts within the state.  Unlike an insurance pool, Enduris is a governmental entity regulated by the state risk manager and is audited by the state auditor. Enduris partners with MRSC, Municipal Research Service Center, which is an excellent resource for general questions about RCWs or municipal issues.

Ms. Brandt talked about the roll of the Board. A Board focuses primarily on policy vs. administration. Policy being the development of vision, adopting goals and setting objectives, making long range plans and adopting budgets for an organization.  It is the administration’s roll to conduct the day to day business of the organization, follow the objectives and policies, supervise contracts, adhere to the budget and manage personnel. She further explained the most important thing a board member can do when acting as a Board member is to take the “citizen hat” off and put the “board hat” on.  It is very important to set policy for the District and not have personal objectives involved.

Ms. Brandt stated where insurance is concerned it is important for the Board to stay within the authority of the board because issues can arise if a board member acts outside the scope of their responsibility. She encouraged the Board to carefully and thoughtfully decide what type of policy they want to coincide with the purpose for them to be on the ditch bank. She encouraged collective activity as a whole unit touring facilities with the manager rather than board members acting on his own in unmarked vehicles giving the public the impression it’s ok for them to have access to district rights of ways.

Director Shawver stated it has not been a problem for other directors to have a key and he would like to have one. If a patron calls him to report a problem he wants to be abile to go look at it.  Director Gose presented a policy he wrote for checking keys in or out and made a motion for it to be approved. (Attached to these minutes.)  Director Martin seconded it. Motion was approved.  Attorney, Tom Cowan reviewed the document and stated it was fine for checking in and out keys but the policy for board members being on the ditch needs to be broader for director activity.

Interlocal Agreement
The Board signed the Interlocal Agreement for the District to be able to use gravel from the Benton County gravel pit.


Duportail Bridge
Manager Ellison reported he received a copy of the long-term easement agreement the City of Richland wants the District to sign. He would like Gary weatherly, JUB and Tom Cowan, CID attorney, to review it. In the process of building their bridge the City will remove the flume and replace a portion of the canal at 100% cost to the City for the right to build their bridge across the CID canal.

Elite Sod Gates
Gary Weatherly explained the pictures Manager Ellison presented of the Elite Sod gates.  The current plan is to build a new stainless steel gate and use the existing grooves embedded in concrete.  Cost estimate is $50,000 – $60,000.

Beverly Meadows
Manager Ellison presented pictures of the pipeline replacement project in the Beverly Addition.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.


Set Board of Equalization
Director Martin made a motion to set the Board of Equalization for December 2nd at 1:00 pm.  Director Gose seconded the motion and it was approved.

Holiday Schedule
Manager Ellison announced the office and shop will be closed the week of December 26 – January 1st .

Operations Report
Operations Manager, Pat Loftus reported the water was shut down October 15, 2016. Winterizing is done and the pipe replacement project for LID 4 has begun.

WSWRA Meeting
Director Shawver stated the WSWRA annual meeting in Spokane is scheduled for November 30th – December 2nd.

President Shawver recessed the meeting at 3:10 pm to Wednesday, November 9th , 6:00 pm.