The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Jerry Sleater.  Present at the meeting were:

             Jerry Sleater, President Joel Teeley, Secretary/Manager
             Howard Ellison, Vice President Pat Loftus, Operations Lead
             James Gose, Director Bonnie Kulp, Deputy Secretary, Recorder
             Vince Shawver, Director Bob Ingraham, CID Crew/Union Steward
             Matthew Morrell, Director Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineers

Sheila Thackham announced they had acquired a guard dog and posted their property accordingly.  She wanted to make sure everyone was aware to prevent any problems should the District need to access the isolation valve located in the easement on their property.


Minutes of October 2, 2015
Director Gose made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 2nd Board Meeting. Director Ellison seconded the motion and it was approved.

September  Vouchers 

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $159,775.66

The Board reviewed and discussed the September Vouchers. Director Shawver made a motion to approve the Vouchers as presented and Director Ellison seconded it.  Motion approved.

Financial Statement
Secretary/Manager Teeley reviewed the August financial statement with the Board. With one month remaining in the fiscal year the statement revealed total expenditures were at 90.82%.


Correction to 2015/2016 Budget
The payroll taxes were inadvertently omitted from the 2015/2016 operating budget approved by the Board last month. Director Ellison made a motion to approve the correction and Director Shawver seconded it.  The motion passed bringing the total expenditures of the 2015/2016 operating budget to $2,626,800.

Owens Pit
Director Ellison stated he had spoken with one of the Benton County commissioners and then directed Secretary/Manager Teeley to carry forward with obtaining continued use of the gravel pit.  Teeley reported he had made an appointment with the Benton County’s chief engineer for the upcoming Wednesday.

Gary Weatherly, JUB Engineer reported he has received comments back from KID and the Health Department for the short plat process.  When the plat is completed, CID can finalize the property purchase and then the application for the reservoir can be sent to Dam Safety.  The reservoir project may not be totally completed by spring.

Weatherly reported H & N Electric has confirmed the available power. He has ordered the traveling screen from International Water Screens and is finishing up the drawings for the small works roster. He expects this project to be completed and ready for next spring.

Mr. Weatherly also presented the Directors an updated map showing progress made with the GIS system.

Surplus Backhoe
Director Ellison made a motion to surplus Vehicle #25, a 1984 John Deere backhoe.  Director Shawver seconded the motion and it passed.

Backhoe Purchase
Operation’s Foreman, Pat Loftus explained the need to replace the backhoe. The Board was presented a quotation from Central Machine for the purchase of a newer backhoe.  Loftus felt sure they could find CID a good used machine before the end of the year.  Director Gose made a motion to allow up to $100,000 to be taken from Surplus for the purchase of a replacement backhoe.  Director Ellison seconded the motion and it passed.

Vehicle Rotation
The Board was presented with a Vehicle Rotation Plan to be implemented for the replacement of one vehicle each year based on need.  Pat Loftus explained the plan and how the vehicles would be rotated.  Director Ellison made a motion to approve the Vehicle Rotation Plan and Director Morrell seconded it.  Motion passed.

Truck Purchase
A bid for a new pickup was presented to the Board for the state bid price and total purchase price of $28,187.78. Director Sleater stated he did not want to purchase out of Benton County and discussion followed.  Director Ellison made a motion to purchase the pickup from McCurley Chevrolet in Pasco.  Director Morrell seconded the motion. Directors Shawver, Ellison, Gose and Morrell were in favor of the purchase and Sleater was opposed.  Motion passed.

Building Repairs/Assessment
Secretary/Manager Teeley reported the first estimate we received from Meier Engineering for the assessment on the building was high and he has set up an appointment with another agency.  There will also be someone available to give an estimate on an asbestos assessment.

Work Orders by Division
The Board discussed the Work Orders completed in their respective divisions.  They discussed the difficulties with the weeds when the Bureau released massive amounts of water.  Secretary/Manager Teeley stated the overall work order numbers were down about two-thirds from last season.  Pat Loftus stated watering on alternating days helped stretch the water through the system and put less stress on the pump stations.

CBA Contract
The Board signed the 2016 – 2018 Collective Bargaining Contract.


Administrative Report
Office Manager Bonnie Kulp reported assessment payments will begin coming in strong as the deadline is October 31st.  She also reported the Bond interest payments were made October 1st and stated there was 4 ½ years remaining for the first bond and 7 ½ years for the second bond.

Operations Report
Operation’s Foreman, Pat Loftus reported the weeds were starting to grow but felt we will get by without another treatment. He stated there is approximately $20,120.00 in left over chemicals that will be used next year.  After the water is off they will winterize the system and give it an overall assessment for repairs and canal cleaning.

Loftus stated he spoke with Robert Blaine, Assistant Operations Manager from KID. KID will be cleaning at the highland drain erosion site this winter.

President Sleater moved the meeting into executive session at 2:25 pm for twenty minutes to discuss staff wages for the 2015/2016 fiscal year. After a five minute break, President Sleater resumed the meeting and at 2:49 pm the executive session was extended for ten more minutes.  President Sleater moved the meeting back into the regular session at 2:59 pm.

There being no further business to put before the Board, President Sleater adjourned the meeting at 3:00 pm.