The Board meeting of the Columbia Irrigation District was called to order by President Shawver at 1:00 pm.  Present at the meeting were:

Vincent Shawver, President Howard Ellison, Manager
Matthew Morrell, Vice President Pat Loftus, Operations Foreman
Jerry Sleater, Director Bonnie Kulp Recorder
Jim Gose, Director

Neil Martin, Director


Guests: Shiela Thackam, Sherry Thackham


Patron Sheila Thackham told the Board that she had been informed by Enduris, CID liability insurance carrier, that an Engineer will be calling her to help correct the problem of the low spots in the CID easement.


Minutes, August 5, 2016
The minutes of August 5, 2016 were submitted for approval. Director Sleater made a motion to approve the minutes and Director Morrell seconded it. Motion approved.

August Vouchers

Voucher 01 Reimburse Revolving Fund $160,851.05
Voucher 02 Liability Insurance 73,882.00

The Board reviewed and discussed the August Vouchers. Director Morrell made a motion to approve the Vouchers as submitted and Director Sleater seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

July Financial Statement
The Board reviewed and discussed the July Financial Statement.


Duportail Bridge
Manager Ellison reported he met with Pete Rogalsky, the Public Works Director for the City of Richland. Mr. Ellison informed Mr. Rogalsky that CID had no available funds for the changes to be made for the Dupertail Bridge project. Mr. Rogalsky agreed the City would pay all expenses concerning the changes. They will remove the flume, regrade, and construct an approximate 700 foot box culvert.  The project will begin during the winter of 2018.

Eric Bute Work Order
Manager Ellison reported he conferred with JUB Engineer, Gary Weatherly concerning the line that was air locked after a broken riser was repaired. Mr. Weatherly did not feel vents were necessary because there are plenty of services on the line that could be opened up, if necessary, to vent air out of the pipe. Discussion took place about Mr. Bute’s responsibility for the expenses.  Director Morrell made a motion to reduce the bill to $197.50 and Director Gose seconded it.  Gose and Morrell voted yes, Directors Shawver, Sleater, and Martin voted no.  Motion failed.  Director Shawver made a motion to excuse the bill and Director Sleater seconded it. All were in favor except Director Gose opposed.  Motion approved..

2017/2017 Operating Budget
Manager Ellison explained the necessity to raise assessment rates for District maintenance.  Director Morrell made a motion to approve a 3% increase and Director Martin seconded it.  Motion approved.

The final fiscal year 2016/2017 operating budget was presented for approval. Director Morrell made a motion to approve the budget and Director Sleater seconded it. Motion approved.

Work Orders by Division
The Board reviewed and discussed the work orders in their respective divisions.

Resolution No. 2016-05
Resolution No. 2016-05, approved last month, was presented for signatures.


Beverly Meadows
Manager Ellison reported the contractor for the Beverly Meadows Construction project hit a diagonal 18-inch (18”) steel pipe at Cedar and 15th.  The pipe was repaired the following day.  It was discovered two of the houses built in Phase 1 of the project are sitting on top of the pipe. Manager Ellison found old records to indicate the line was installed in 1920 and replaced in 1973 but did not appear on any of the current maps. After water season, the contractors will replace and reroute the pipe at their expense. Updates to the mapping in that area will be sent to JUB to include in the spec books and the GPS map program.

Operations Report
Operations Manager, Pat Loftus reported there are six weeks left of the season, aquatic weeds are under control, and there have been a few problems with pumps and electrical panels.

President Shawver adjourned the meeting at 2:08 p.m.