The City of Richland has been in the planning stages of building what will be known as the “Duportail Bridge”. Columbia Irrigation District, the City of Richland, JUB Engineers and other interested parties finalized an easement agreement for the City to begin their project. Water users should not see any disruption to our water delivery with this agreement in place. Thanks to all parties involved, the challenges were all resolved.

In the Spring of 2016 the spillway was replaced, stabilizing the area from further leakage and possible major failure. During the 2016/2017 off-season the two control gates will be replaced. The gates maintain the correct water levels in the canal and without proper function unnecessary man hours are spent manually operating these gates.                                     …

Five hundred feet of very old, 26 inch steel pipe at the head end of LID 04 will be replaced by CID during the off-season. The pipe and head gate replacement has been planned since June and will provide better control of the water delivery without the worry of a huge washout. The cost of the project will be spread over a two year period thus keeping the cost increases for maintenance to a minimum.

Reservoir Project

24 Mar 2016

The Columbia Irrigation District is currently purchasing property and obtaining permits in order to construct a regulating reservoir on the Main Canal. When it is completed it will help maintain water flows towards the end of the Main Canal so all users will have more abundant water without the end user’s supply being shorted. This is a major project and will take a couple of years to complete.

At the end of the 2015 irrigation season an assessment of the LID #46 pump station was in need of repair. The main pipes leading from the pumps had corroded and eroded to a minimal thickness with potential for catastrophic damage to the surround areas. The steel manifold and pipes leading from the pumps were removed and replaced. Hopefully this is the last major work that needs to be done.

Elite Sod Spillway

24 Mar 2016

The Elite Sod Spillway was completely rebuilt in February 2016. It was found to be leaking and created a possible hazard for a breach of the Main Canal. The open flu was replaced with 160 feet of 6 feet diameter steel pipe.

Traveling Screen

24 Mar 2016

A new traveling screen was built at 8th and Alder to help keep Laterals #1 and #2 free of debris. It will reduce the need for overtime for crews cleaning the debris from the ditch, and will give cleaner water that will flow more easily to the irrigators of Laterals #1 and #2.

District personnel spends a portion of the off water season continuing to “Rehabilitate” the banks of the District’s main canal in the Finley area. Prior to the start of the project the existing main canal banks were erroded and did not allow the District to effeciently convey the necessary quantity of irrigation water required by our patrons.  Rehabilitation consists of placing angular rock on the canal sides to eliminate erosion while also building up the sides of the canal banks. This …

Large silt berms in the Main Canal and Lateral 2 are causing problems as they create areas for heavy weed growth that can restrict water flow through the canal system. During the off-season District employees have been removing silt from the Main Canal.